Create a Wall Cabinet

with Jim Budlong

June 19 – June 30, 2017


The skills learned in making a simple and elegant solid-door wall cabinet can be used in a variety of projects. In this session, students will begin by selecting cabinet elements from a plank, with consideration of color and grain graphics in mind.
Primary techniques to be experienced in this class include edge joining, re-sawing, doweling, frame-and-panel work, and door hinging.
Learning is not limited to methods, but will also involve the discovery of a sensitive, flexible approach to building.
A limited variety of wood species will be available for student purchase in the construction of the cabinet. Those who have a special plank are encouraged to bring it. A two-inch plank with a minimum width of six inches, totaling twelve board feet, will allow for room for choices.
A set of Sanderson knife hinges are included in the cost of the class.



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