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For California residents (with residency documentation dated one year prior to the opening day of classes), the enrollment fees for one semester are $844 ($46 per unit for 18 units plus a $10 Health fee, $1 student representation fee, and a $5 Student Body fee). Non-residents pay $211 per unit plus $46 semester fees and $16 other fees, or $3,860 per semester.

Financial Aid

General financial aid and scholarship information is available online:

Scholarships 2017-18

The Krenov Foundation, a non-profit foundation dedicated to the art and craft of fine woodworking, offers several scholarships to incoming students, both first and second years.

Application for the scholarship should be made alongside applying for the Program. The closing date for scholarship applications is March 31.

• Jack Romine Scholarship. $5000. To incoming first year student.
• Smith-Sorenson Scholarship. $2500 to incoming first year student. $2500 to incoming second year student.
• Welter Scholarship. $3000. To incoming second year student.

To download the application form, please follow this link: Scholarship app2 2017

For more details about The Krenov Foundation, go to



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