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Chris Cerney

Class of 2018
Colusa, CA

Chris hails from the Northern Sacramento valley of California, where he grew up farming walnuts with his father. Early woodworking experiences involved whittling, attempting to make willow whistles, whimmy diddles, and whatever else inspired him and his cousin each week on The Woodwright’s Shop.

As a student of Agriculture systems and Pomology at UC Davis, he was awakened to new possibilities in fine woodworking during an elective night class taught by a graduate of the Krenov School. His life was forever changed, and now as an aspiring fine woodworker he is thrilled to be studying the craft here at the source.

Chris looks forward to exploring his creativity and abilities in the hopes that he’ll someday make furniture from the walnut wood grown on his land. In addition to these pursuits he loves growing peaches, jogging, Jiu jitsu, backpacking, cooking, baking pies and pastry, and his dog Hippo


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Phone: (707) 964-7056